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Start saving now with home solar, and get 6 months of solar on us.



Switch over to a fixed lower solar rate and we’ll take care of your energy bill for 6 months upon activation of your system!

Here is how we can help you now.

Financial Relief

 You’re taking the right steps in learning how solar can provide financial relief almost immediately.  But in addition to your solar savings, when you have solar installed and your system is activated, we’ll send a check to cover your first 6 months of energy costs.  We hope this helps during a stressful time.


Savings and Security

The real savings begin when you can begin keeping the money you were using to pay for your solar equipment, and put it in the bank or in your pockets.  Your solar system will continue to produce electricity for several decades and you won’t have to worry financially about rising electricity rates.

Peace of Mind

Your financial investment in yourself and your power source is backed by 25 year warranties on the best solar equipment in the industry.  You also have peace of mind knowing you’re doing your part in making our planet a better place to live by using clean, renewable energy in your homes and lives.

Lock in a lower, fixed electricity rate.

Because saving money matters.

* Subject to credit approval

** Based on individual tax liability

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar

How Much Solar Do I Need?

It all depends on your homes historical kWh consumption.  We custom design your solar system to produce all the electricity it needs for the entire year based on historical kWh consumption.  We go over your electricity bill and determine how much solar you will need.

How Does Solar Work?

Solar works in your favor by:

  • Using free energy that comes from the sun
  • The sun hits the solar panels
  • The solar panels are connected by an inverter and converts the sunlight to useful energy
  • During sunlight hours, the power is available for immediate use
  • Extra energy left unused is sent to the utility company and stored as a credit to be used at a later time
  • This is known as Net Metering
  • When you have a need for electricity when the sun is not out, you pull from your credits
  • Every anniversary of your system being activated, you square up your total electricity pulled or sent to the grid and settle your True Up bill.
How Much Does Solar Cost?

It depends on several factors such as:

  • Your annual electricity usage
  • Your current electricity rates 
  • The number of panels installed
  • Shading over your roof
  • Availability of roofspace
Does Billi.Co Offer Financing?

Yes!  We are connected to many different financing partners who offer various financing options to homeowners.  Many homeowners qualify for $0 down financing with extremely low interest rates.  Please fill out the form above or self schedule a virtual solar appointment with one of our expert solar advisors and we’ll help you get started with saving money!

What Our Customers Have to Say…

I highly recommend going through Solar! We went through several companies for quotes.  We went with Solar for cost, financing options and maybe the most important—how they have been there every step of the way keeping us up to date and answering all our questions. They’ve been awesome and made the process an easy one.

-The Browns

They’re all finished! They did a very clean job running all the equipment we are very happy with the install. Can’t wait to turn the system on! Thank you Solar! What a painless process this has been.

*Update:  We just turned our system on and it’s been great! The process was incredibly easy and the team keeps you informed at every step of the process. Generate your own clean energy and stop giving so much money to the utility company! Plus it’s actually incredibly affordable.

-The Nicholsons

Going solar with Solar was the best decision we made.  They answered all our questions and provided a ton of support.  We couldn’t be happier and we can’t wait to see our utility bills go to zero!  The installation process was quick and easy, all the permits and inspections were taken care of and we were informed the whole time.  The actual installation was done in one day.  We’re so happy!

-The Karcs

Get the financial relief you need during these stressful times.

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