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 The first thing you’ll want to do is create your User Account.  Once you create your user account, you’ll gain access to a solar education video explaining the benefits of solar.  You can click here to:  Create your User Account

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 Now, we’re getting to work on your customized solar proposal.  This will be uploaded to your private client portal.  Then, we’ll walk you through your solar proposal in another video and you’ll have the opportunity to get pre-qualified.  If you prefer to do this with one of our customer service representative, we’re happy to accommodate.

Go Through the Process on Your Schedule

After the solar education video, you’ll watch a brief video going over a few questions required to continue with the process.  The questions are simple to answer, but we’ll need all your answers and a copy of your utility bill to proceed!


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We’ve made it incredibly simple, secure and fast to get pre-qualified for solar lending with the nation’s fastest growing solar lender.  $0 required to get solar, with interest rates as low as 2.99%.  Once approved, the lending document and solar agreement are sent to you via email for you to Docusign.  At any point, you can reach out for help.

No Sales Guy!

After completing your solar survey form, you’ll want to upload a copy of your utility bill, and images of your main service panel, sub-panel and roof to help us start building your customized solar proposal.

Peace of Mind

Sit back, relax, and let us take care of the rest.  We’ll schedule your site survey, take care of the solar design, get permits, schedule your install and final inspection, and make sure your system turned on by your utility company.  We’ve been helping thousands of homeowners and you can have complete peace of mind throughout the process!

** If for whatever reason you don’t meet the criteria to get your solar system completely online without a sales guy, we’ll connect you with our expert solar energy team who will help you get solar for your home.  You’ll still receive the best deal on your solar system.

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🔒 Your information is safe and secure.  Don’t worrry, we will never sell your information or bombard you with endless phone calls like other companies.

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